Kids’ Activity Pages

Grab your crayons and print out these pages for some coloring fun! A very talented lady named Cheryl Harness created these drawings for her book, The Village of Arrow Rock Coloring Book. For even more fun, print out the word puzzles that go with each coloring page.

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Click on your choice of the pictures below to open a printable file:

Osage Family Coloring Page sm

The Osage Indians lived in this area and made arrowheads from the Rock of Arrows. That’s how Arrow Rock got its name. This picture shows an Osage family traveling down the Missouri River in a dugout canoe, a sturdy boat made from a carved tree trunk. Click here to get a picture to color.

Keep your Osage Indian adventure going and download this word scramble. Study your coloring page for help with the answers.



Becknell Coloring Page sm William Becknell is known as “the Father of the Santa Fe Trail.”  His 1821 trip was the first successful trading trip to Santa Fe which was then part of Mexico. Here he is leaving from Franklin, Missouri, which was right across the Missouri River.  He crossed on the Arrow Rock Ferry which was here before the town was.  When Arrow Rock was founded in 1829, some merchants continued selling goods in Santa Fe.  Click here to get a picture to color.

Have more fun on the Santa Fe Trail and download this word search puzzle. If you get stumped, you can find the answers here.


Sites Coloring Page sm John P. Sites was a gunsmith in Arrow Rock in the 1800s. In the days before factories could make hundreds of guns each day, gunsmiths took many days to make a single gun for a customer. Many American pioneers heading West purchased one of Johnny Sites’ guns for their trip. Today, visitors to Arrow Rock can see the Sites Gun Shop, which looks just like it might have when Johnny Sites was working there. Click here to get a picture to color.

For more fun, carefully study the page you just colored, then print this crossword puzzle page. If you get stumped, you can click here to see the answers.

Huston Tavern Coloring Page sm

The J. Huston Tavern was built in Arrow Rock in 1834. Travelers went there to find a good meal and a place to stay. It was also a popular spot for meetings and parties. At Christmastime, everyone dressed in their finest clothing and celebrated the holiday with music and dancing. Click here to get a picture to color.

For more fun, complete this word search that includes many of things you would have seen at the Christmas Ball at the J. Huston Tavern. If you have trouble finding any of the words, click here to see the answers.


How much have you learned about Arrow Rock?

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