Arrow Rock Writing Workshop

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Join us on AUGUST 10 & 11!

The Arrow Rock Writing Workshop welcomes both experienced and novice writers to enjoy two peaceful, inspirational days in the historic village of Arrow Rock, Missouri, Aug. 10-11, 2018. Writing pros will lead you in sessions that are sure to inspire your writing passion. Workshop sessions are led by professional writers. There will be writing prompts to get the words flowing while you’re at the workshop, and time set aside for participants to read some of their work to the group. (If you’re not comfortable reading your work aloud, no problem! There’s no pressure in this cordial and supportive setting.)

This year’s theme is Finding Your Place, and several sessions will focus on creating a sense of place in your work.

Our Friday evening keynote speaker is Jonelle Patrick author of the thrilling Only In Tokyo series of mysteries. Plus, participants will have an opportunity to participate in a special post-dinner mystery tour/writing challenge!

Registration is open now. Register online via the link below or call 660-837-3231. We’ll send you a questionnaire after you register that you can use to share more information about your goals for the workshop.


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This year’s sessions include:

  • Beyond the Five Senses: Creating a World That’s So Real, Your Readers Won’t Want to Leave, presented by Jonelle Patrick
  • Using Place and Time To Jump-start Your Poem, presented by Debbie Noland

The magic of a poem is its ability to condense a large emotion into a small space. Too often, in their efforts to achieve this, beginning (and even experienced) poets fall into the trap of general, abstract language that fails to re-create the emotion of an experience.

Through example, illustration, and activity, this session shows how and why the sensory details of time and place anchor poems in a world readers can relate to. Writers can expect to take away specific strategies for drafting new poems, revising old ones, and energizing anemic passages in their fiction or nonfiction.

  • Recording your Story:  Approaches to Memoir Writing, presented by Theresa McClellan

Let’s explore getting our story on the page!   It could be as broad (and daunting!) as a traditional autobiography or as brief as a photographed captioned.  We will consider narrative forms that include story, timeline (genealogy) letters and epitaph, as we seek to capture our experiences, our language and our wisdom and legacy.

and more, including a workshop session led by the editor of Missouri Life magazine!