Our Mission

Sharing a Rich and Varied Legacy

The mission of the Friends of Arrow Rock is to share the rich and varied Missouri legacy with current and future generations. As stewards of its history, the Friends of Arrow Rock safeguard the memories of the village by preserving its buildings and artifacts. Through exhibits and educational programs, the Friends of Arrow Rock convey the history of the area and its peoples to children and adults, grounding them in the past to prepare them for the future.

Our vision

Arrow Rock is a microcosm of the historic Missouri experience, including Native American inhabitation, European exploration, westward migration and town founding, interlaced with commerce—and conflict. Friends of Arrow Rock aspires to help residents and visitors understand how communities change over time, adapting to adversity as well as prosperity.

In doing this, the Friends have embraced the whole truth about Arrow Rock’s past. By confronting, studying, and teaching about controversial issues such as the displacement of the Indians, enslavement of African Americans, the Civil War and its aftermath, as well as the decline, depopulation and restoration of small rural towns, the Friends of Arrow Rock works to create a history-based community where encountering the past can help shape a better future.

Because its history is important and authentic, and its buildings are original and well-preserved in its scenic setting on the bluffs of the Missouri River, the Friends of Arrow Rock seek to cultivate and curate this site into one of the finest historic destinations in the country.
As curators of historic buildings and artifacts, the Friends of Arrow Rock will preserve and display our holdings in accordance with the best practices of historic preservation. In partnership with other groups who share a passion for the history of Arrow Rock, the Friends will work for the development and promotion of local and regional cultural tourism. As stewards of a public trust, the Friends are committed to providing the financial and administrative resources needed to ensure the future of Arrow Rock for generations to come.